Vocaloid: AQUARIUM – Kihee [Megurine Luka] (JP→ENG Lyrics Translation)

Meeting this dry night,

idling fingers went numb.

Pounding enameled shoes smashed the pavement.

The smoke of cigarettes blurred the air.

Stretching to beg the moon

with arms so delicate.

Drowning in the asphalt sea and

waiting for dawn to come.

Swaying at the bottom of the ocean was something magnetic;

something that seemed a lot like the promise of love.

It me granted it’s twinkling for a long moment–something this town had never had.

Down the sepia side-street,

intoxicated rumours burned and spread.

Shallow sleep that comes and goes,

now connects without breath.

Illusions of girls trampling over me mixed together.

Like reflecting a piece of amber, our broken days will begin their rusting.

You disappear into a deep sleep.

Being swallowed up where I will surely die.

Erasing away my skin, I looked on and stumbled through darkness.

To the moon I cried out, this place would not be my punch line.

This swaying body became victim of idle, endless sleep.

What swayed at the bottom implored me.

Being drunk in the evening, I fell in love.

That dress of glass illuminating hard times. Our city is an aquarium’s tank.

Drowning, sinking, being washed away.

In this city everyone has begun their sleep.

In just an instant, you’re left behind forever in this dry sea.


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