Western: COMPUTER WIFE – TWRP (ENG→JP Singable Lyrics)

(“tadaima denwani deru koto wa dekimasen. pii toiu hassin on no ato ni onamae to goyoken o hanasikudasai”) *

「 もしもし 、これはあなたのコンピュータ妻です
(”moshimoshi, kore wa anata no COMPUTER tsuma desu.) **

(”atashi wa atarashii OPERATING SYSTEM no tame ni anata o nokoshite imasu)



(MY COMPUTER yome)***

が毎晩夜遊び、 好き
(ga maiban yoasobi, suki)****

(DANCE FLOOR de odoruyou ni)

(PROGRAM sareru yo)

(yogoto ya, konya)

  • * – just your standard default japanese voice mail message. just adding this note to point out that instead of “at the tone”“at the ‘pii’” is said as onomatopoeia are important in everyday conversation. the more japan-specific onomatopoeia you’re able to use, the more fluent you sound!
  • ** – computer wife uses a standard telephone greeting here, as well as addresses herself as “your computer tsuma”. ‘tsuma’ is a word that a married woman would use in relation to her husband, but this is the only instance i will use it. because…!
  • *** – ‘yome’ means bride. if you’re familiar with the whole ‘mai waifu’ meme among western otaku, the JP version is ‘ore no yome’ or “my bride”. i’ve left ‘my’ as the possessive pronoun as it’s stylish and easily recognizable by native japanese speakers with limited englsh skills.
  • **** – the ‘tonight’ didn’t fit here, but it makes a comeback at the end. i find this redundancy extremely important.

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