Western: ATOMIC KARATE – TWRP feat. Egoraptor (JP→ENG Lyrics + Kanji + Romaji)

With my blood, we continue our spirit’s holy battle
kokoro ni seinaru senji no chi he

Taking on skilled recruits, we charge into the fight
shinpei no waza soushite yukan ga tatakai
新兵の技   そして行かんが戦い

With this magnificent power, and diligence
sono sodai na chikara no tannen ga

We’ll prepare for battle and lead ourselves to victory!
kakugo tataku no shouri wo michibiku

A much requested clarification! Finally now this is done I can have some peace.

Since there were no lyrics released alongside Ladyworld, I was forced to transcribe by ear and attempt at a translation by composing which kanji might fit the situation. It really felt like a game of fill in the blanks, since the pronunciation and cadence were unclear – But I feel satisfied with releasing the result! It sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it? Of course, this is just a best guess — I’ve heard other studying Japanese haven’t really been able to understand the narration either. For all intents and purposes, I hope this works for everyone! Should the lyrics be released, I’ll edit this post and translate them directly.


3 thoughts on “Western: ATOMIC KARATE – TWRP feat. Egoraptor (JP→ENG Lyrics + Kanji + Romaji)

  1. Hi! (^^) I’ve been learning Japanese and listening to Japanese music for many years and this is what I hear:

    Kokoro ni semaru senjin no chi e
    Shinpin no waza soshite yukan na tatakai
    Sono soudai na chikara to tannen ga
    Kakugo tatakai wo shouri to michibiku

    新品のわざ そして勇敢な戦い


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