Hi, my name’s Cleo and I really love music! There’s not much that I know about it from a technical standpoint, but I believe it is a universal language. With language being my strong point, this is the aspect I’ve chosen to work with it from.

As impersonal as reiterating the words of others may seem, this is a very personal project for me, and one you may learn a lot about me as a person from with a keen enough eye. Every piece that I work with means something to me, and has helped to form who I am in one way or another. Each post is a fragment of myself, and the result of me thumbing through an unnamed emotion.

I am not a native Japanese speaker, but learning been my hobby for about 8 years now. I have taken no formal classes, so parts of my language when writing in Japanese might be a bit garbled to a more fluent ear, and my translations can often be approximations of the intended meaning. I hope we’ll both learn a lot through this journey, and that if I’ve made a mistake, I can count on you all to correct me!

Most content will be reposts from my personal blog here.

You are always welcome to use my lyric works for covers, edits, or anything else you can think of! Just be sure to credit me here, on tumblr (aibamasakis) or twitter (havvehogan), or reddit (galaco)! My blog’s title is one of my favourite albums, Starcadian’s Sunset Blood.